Monday, 5 April 2010

Foundation Application?

I've noticed a lot of people recently saying that they mix their foundation with either a tinted sunscreen or a tinted moisturiser and I've been wondering about this. How many of you customise your foundation?

I never have. I just put on the foundation straight from the bottle. I'm starting to wonder if I'm missing something though. Do you get a better application if you mix your foundation, or does it save time in the mornings? If I mix my foundation with a tinted moisturiser then do I still apply a moisturiser before hand or do I just rely on the tinted moisturiser to give me enough hydration? And if I want to use a primer when does that go on?

And as if that's not complicated enough, I've also read about people using an illuminating tinted moisturiser. So theoretically could that save me three steps? Could I avoid moisturiser, sunscreen and illuminator and just put on my customised foundation mix?

I'm going to do some experimenting over the next few weeks. Do any of you customise your foundation?


  1. I rarely do that. If I mix it with moisturiser it's just to make it less heavy on my face so sometimes in summer I can do that. Usually I just use it as it is from the tube and put moisturiser on my face before.

  2. I don't customise my foundation :S I tried once, but it turned out to make my skin patchy! :(

    And I don't know if the moisturisers or whatever I want to mix it with will change the foundation's qualities like longlasting and all..

    I tried it once, so nope LOL..
    Hope yours turn out goodiee ♥♥


  3. I've never mixed my foundation with anything else when applying. With skin as bad as mine, I need the coverage that my foundation provides. Diluting it with moisturiser would mean having to apply it more heavily, and that's something I really don't want!

  4. I used to wear MAC Studio Sculpt but found it too heavy. Now I mix it with Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisteriser and it makes the most gorgeous tinted moisteriser.

  5. I have been mixing some Nars orgasm illuminator in with my foundation. I generally don't add anything else as I usually will use a primer with spf xx

  6. I do not anymore, but i used to. I used to mix a tinted moisturizer with more moisturizer to thin out the color and give me more moisture. When i do this or make a tinted moisturizer i do skip the seperate moisturizing step. I think it is better than a store bought tinted moisturizer because you can customize every aspect of the product

    I do on occasion mix moisturizer with my foundation currently if the color is not 100 percent perfect or if i am in a rush. I also mix my foundation with a foundation lightner to get the tint closer to my skin tone.

  7. I only do this at the moment because my mineral foundation has the right amount of coverage but is currently too light for me. On the other hand my tinted moisturiser is the right colour, but doesn't impart enough coverage for my liking.

    I personally apply my moisturiser or sunscreen (if I'm going out all day I use sunscreen in lieu of moisturiser because otherwise stuff slides off my sweaty-man-face) before I do my eye makeup, then by the time I get around to doing my face it's all soaked in.

    Then I just mix my powder and tinted moisturiser together on the back of my hand, or in a small little dish. If you wanted to add primer you could still do the moisturiser underneath, just let everything soak in before your foundation mix :D

    I'm not one for adding illuminator to my moisturiser or foundation because it makes me look sweaty (and I'm pretty much always sweaty in this heat D: ew), but you could definitely just add a powder OR liquid illuminator to your foundation.

    So theoretically if you concocted a foundation mix of tinted moisturiser, sunscreen, illuminator etc that was moisturising enough, it could totally be your all in one. I just do what works for me and I use the products I have on hand :)

  8. Hello! I can't help you since I hardly ever wear foundation 0=

    Thanks for your comment! I never tried using a cream shadow underneath a sheer eye shadow, maybe I should try? I use concealer or even foundation as a eye makeup primer, but those mark. eyeshadow are just so sheer, nothing seems to work for them!


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