Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Ellis Faas Skin Concealer

I really love this concealer so it pains me to say bad things about it, however I have no choice. The one fault with Skin concealer is the brush. It leaks. When I first got my concealer home I opened it and it looked like it'd been used. There was dried concealer all over the brush and in the cap. I could tell by the packaging that it hadn't been opened so I knew it hadn't actually been used, it'd just leaked. The picture above is how the concealer looked when I first opened it.

When I use this I waste so much. I'll click the bottom a few times and nothing will come out. So I'll wait a while and click some more and nothing comes out. I wait again and when nothing's come out after a few minutes I'll give it one final click and then heaps of concealer comes pouring out and it won't stop. And when I say heaps I mean heaps, enough to cover my whole face in concealer. Interestingly, that's exactly what I've been doing as I don't want to waste the product and I can tell you that it makes a lovely foundation.
Not only does it leak out heaps of product, it continues to do so for a few minutes and just when I think it's finished leaking it starts up again.

Initially I thought I was using it wrong so I tried just clicking a few times but that doesn't work. Now I've resorted to collecting the extra concealer in a little pot, but that really defeats the purpose of having it in a click pen.

But now for the good stuff.This is a lovely, lightweight concealer that works for both dark circles and blemishes. I mainly use it for my dark circles and it works really well. It feels like nothing on my skin and yet it manages to cover my dark circles. Unlike a lot of concealers I've tried it barely sinks into my fine lines, there is a little bit of sinking (haha, couldn't think of the right word there) but it's barely noticeable. I got this in shade S201 which is the lightest shade available. 

The packaging is sleek and very unique. I love the look of the packaging, it's like a little rocket. 

Ellis Faas says: This light-weight, smoothing concealer immediately melts into the skin, while providing a high level of coverage for dark circles and imperfections. Containing a specialised blend of active anti-ageing ingredients, it also hydrates the skin while it conceals. Each concealer shade corresponds to an Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation shade for perfectly paired complexion products. Recommended for all skin types.

Would I buy it again? No, not unless they fix the applicator so there is no product wastage.

Ingredients: aqua, dimethicone, hydrogenated polyisobutene, cyclopentasiloxane, zinc stearate, glycerin, isononyl isononanoate, dimethicone crosspolymer, sorbitan isostearate, caprylyl dimethicone ethoxyglucoside, sodium chloride, cetyl dimethicone, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, silica, methylparaben, potassium sorbate, propylparaben, sorbitol, mica, triisostearin, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, hydrogenated palm kernel glycerides, squalane, laureth-4, oryza sativa cera, hydrogenated palm glycerides, tocopherol, butyrospermum parkii extract, hydrogenated castor oil, ascorbyl palmitate, phystosteryl isostearate, hexylene glycol, fructose, glucose, sucrose, urea, dextrin, alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you have had such a bad experience with the brush! Mine is fine now that I am used to it, it doesn't leak and I just do one spin right around in two movements and the perfect amount of product comes out. Perhaps yours is faulty? You have every right to take it back!
    I love the actual product, it is so natural and blendable with amazing coverage :)

  2. Hi Laura, despite the brush I still love the concealer and don't want to take it back. I think you're right, I must have got a faulty one. I've got it covered now, I just put the extra concealer into a little pot and use it from there.

  3. I have the same product and it does the same thing. Mine even squirts out clear stuff before the concealer comes out, so it seems it has started to separate. I am going to take mine back and get a replacement as I don't like buying things that don't work properly. Will let you know if it makes a difference.


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