Monday, 12 October 2009

DesertPea Skincare

I recently received samples of two new products that are about to be launched by DesertPea Skincare. They're both beautiful, a face serum and a face oil. At the moment I'm not going to review them as I only received samples of them. However, since I've only recently come across this company and they have some products that sound lovely, I thought I'd share their details with you all. I got the following information from the DesertPea website.

DesertPea skin care has evolved from, and been influenced by, a background in environmental conservation and remedial therapies. Our love of the Australian bush and our native flora is shown in every product that we make. We make each product in small batches with love and care.

We are fussy about the ingredients we use in our products. We always support local, small and fair trade business suppliers where possible. We use only the highest quality raw and organic ingredients, as we believe the difference shows in the end product.

Key benefits

  • Our products are made from the finest Australian botanical extracts, essential oils, clays and cold pressed vegetable oils
  • Potent Australian botanical fruits & extracts high in vitamins, antioxidants and essential nutrients that are beneficial to the skin
  • All ingredients are derived from natural sources
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • Safe to use on sensitive skin
  • No harmful preservatives or colours
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • No chemical emulsifiers
  • 100% Australian owned and made

The difference

  • DesertPea Skin care is committed to providing easily accessible, natural alternatives free from added chemicals, colours and preservatives
  • We believe 'natural' products should be derived from a natural source and should e available with a minimal amount of 'tampering'
  • We are committed to educating therapists and in turn the broader public about the benefits of using natural products
  • We do not advocate any form of misleading, deceptive marketing claims
  • We believe that everyone has the right to know exactly what he/she is applying onto and into their bodies, and provide truthful information so that people can form their own opinion
  • We aim to dispel some of the myths, claims and promises made in the cosmetic and skin care industry about cosmetics

Our vision

To celebrate simple natural beauty. A vision towards reclaiming true beauty within. We believe that true beauty is a body, mind and spirit connection. It is living with light in our heart. It is eating organic foods, eliminating fear in our lives, taking time to relax and clear the mind of clutter, by being truthful, laughter and of course love.

Our commitment to you is to make our products as organic as possible, to always be transparent and truthful, to exceed customer expectation, and to continue making high quality native Australian skin care in an ethical and responsible approach.

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