Monday, 3 August 2009

It's over!

The Ten Tubes Test is now officially over. The four products above were the last three lip products I finished, plus my MLS balm that I forgot to take a photo of. As you can see above I finished my MAC and Jemma glosses plus my Shizen lip balm, bringing me to a total of ten lip products finished. I'm amazed that I finished ten products so quickly. I didn't finish all of the products that I'd started out wanting to finish, but I finished ten products so I'm happy.

I've learned a few things from this. I've decided that I'm just going to use one or two products at a time until I use them up. So I'll use two balms (a stick balm and a pot balm), one or two different glosses and one or two different lipsticks. If I do that I'll actually use things up. I've also realised that it doesn't take that long to use things up.

Here's the pile of products that I wanted to use up. Out of this pile I used up five products and I'll keep working on the rest. I'm seriously considering continuing an adapted version of the Ten Tubes Test. I'll allow myself to buy one new lip product for every five that I use up. That way I'll slowly be reducing my stash of products.


  1. Lol sounds like me I have a few lip balms and glosses everywear and try to remember to use them up, I am not allowed to buy anymore, ha ha.

  2. I'm going to give that a try! I have so many products that I've never been able to finish off... maybe this way I'll actually use something up!

  3. Inspired by your Ten Tube Test, I've been trying to do something similar to use up shower gels and creams that I have. No buying new until what I have is gone. It's been tough, but I'm amazed at how much is in my medicine cabinet and how good I feel when I finish a bottle.

    Lip products may be next. I have a ridiculous amount already, but I always want more.

  4. Congratulations GQ, great achievement!! I'm surprised at how quickly you got through them too. I've got through ten assorted products so I am happy with that. Thank you for inspiring me to take part:)


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