Monday, 27 July 2009

Ten Tubes Test Update

I have two more empties this week, bringing me to a total of seven lip products finished, I'm nearly there! I've decided that once I've finished the Ten Tubes Test I'm going to keep up with it until I've got my lip product stash down to a manageable level.

This week I finished my Bonne Bell Kiss of Colour and my Lipfusion gloss. The Lipfusion isn't quite empty but I can't get any more out of it so I'm counting it as an empty.
I also sent a few lip products to a dear friend of mine, but I'm not counting them in my total.

I acquired a new lip balm, but didn't pay for it. It's Softlips Citrus lip balm. I haven't used Softlips products for years so will be interested to see what this balm is like. I haven't opened it yet so I'll report back when I've tested it out.

My MAC pot gloss is nearly empty, I'll finish it this week then I'll only have two lip products to go. Not sure what they'll be, maybe my Jemma Plumpout and a Silk Naturals balm.

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  1. Good to hear you're sticking to it! :D I've finished a couple of things, too, though not in lips department.


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