Thursday, 9 July 2009

Manicare Dual Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener

This is the best cosmetic pencil sharpener I've ever used and the only sharpener I use now. In the past I've found other sharpeners mangle the pencil, but I never have this problem with my Manciare sharpener. Another great thing about it is that it can take 3 different sized pencils. You can see in the picture that the larger slot is protruding. You can remove the protruding part and it makes the slot bigger. I haven't found any pencils that don't fit into the sharpener.

Another thing that makes this sharpener special is that it has a catcher over the top and bottom so there is no shavings mess.

Manicare says: With no-mess catcher. Designed to suit all leading brands & sizes of eye, lip and facial pencils. The Manicare Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener operates using the dual blade principle.

Would I buy it again? Yes, it's my holy grail cosmetic pencil sharpener.

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  1. I have one of these too! There fantastic. One of my good buys from Priceline.


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