Friday, 1 May 2009

My Lip Stuff Lip Gloss

It's no secret how much I love My Lip Stuff lip balms, they're favorites of mine, one of the balms that I always have in my drawer. I also quite like their glosses. They're not the traditional tube glosses, they're roller ball glosses, which I love because they remind me of being a teenager. The first gloss I ever remember getting was a mint flavoured Maybelline roller ball gloss that tasted really yummy, I think more of it ended up in my stomach than on my lips.

My Lip Stuff Roller ball glosses are quite runny and so don't last very long, but they taste great so I'm quite happy to reapply every half hour. I got CoCarMel Kick which is a heavenly tasting mix of coconut, caramel and marshmallow. The gloss goes on very sheerly and gives a very gentle, soft shine. These would be great for people who don't like the feeling of anything on their lips, when I put mine on I don't even notice that I'm wearing it.

The only problem I have with these glosses is that sometimes the roller ball gets stuck so it can be difficult to get the gloss out, but I find that if I warm the gloss between my hands first it goes on easily.

Ingredients: castor oil, sunflower oil, shea oil, essential oil and/or flavour.

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