Tuesday, 26 May 2009

My favorite pot Lip balms

The Body Shop Lip Butter - These are great, they're really hydrating, taste good and come in really nice flavours. I've always got a pot or two floating around the house somewhere. My favorite is Papaya.
Carmex - I've been using this for over 15 years now, it's the first thing I reach for when my lips are cracked, it heals them so quickly. Out of all the balms I've tried, I've been using this for the longest, it's one that I'm never without.
Le Couvent Des Minimes - This is a recent favorite. It's moisturising and has a lovely, creamy texture that feels amazing on my lips.
Shizen - This is more like an ointment. It's got a lovely glossy finish and smells like lemons. It does a great job of keeping my lips in good condition.
Perfect Potion - Another great balm, with a beautiful creamy texture. I have it in Rose Petal, which is a gorgeous scent.
Lush Whip Stick - Even though this is the colour of poo, it smells and tastes like chocolate, and is really moisturising.

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  1. cute...i totally agree the body shop has great lip balms. I LOVE THEM! i have this one from the drug store, it's Life, car cara and guava lip balm. It smells AMAZING! But it applies very thin and doesn't have alot of staying power. It pretty much dissapears on my lips. And i swear by carmex! :) gret post! <3


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