Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Clarins Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover Lotion

For the last few months I've been using the Clarins Gentle Eye Make-up Remover lotion as my L'oreal eye make-up remover has run out and I'm trying to use up all the sample products that I have lying around. I'd never thought that there would be much of a difference with the effectiveness of an eye make-up remover, but there really is. I still love my L'oreal, but the Clarins product works a lot quicker and easier than the L'oreal does.

This product works with just one wipe. I soak a cotton pad in it, sit it on my eye for about 30 seconds and all my make-up is gone. As easy as that. No irritation, no redness or dry patches and no need to rub and rub to get everything off. If this was cheaper it'd be my new holy grail eye make-up remover.

Would I buy it again? No. It costs $40 a bottle. If it was cheaper I would as it's a great product.

Ingredients: aqua, rosa centifolia flower water, centaurea cyanus flower water, polysorbate 20, caprylry/capryl glucoside, sodium chloride, phenoxyethanol, disodium edta, chlorhexidine digluconate, hydroyzed soy protein, potassium sorbate.

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