Monday, 2 March 2009

I've been tagged!

By my beautiful friend Music. What I have to do is post the third photo in the third folder on my computer, and write about it, so here goes.

This is a picture that I took in Hong Kong. We were on the train on our way to visit Hong Kong Disneyland, and this is what the windows looked like.

The train was great, there were Mickey Mouse and Disney characters everywhere, it was like being in a fantasy land. They even played Disney songs on the train.

I tag: Alice Jane, Harri, and Aprill.


  1. GQ, I'm a sucker of anything Mickey Mouse/Mini Mouse! I still have a big pillow of Mini's head at my parents' place.

    Did you enjoy that Disneyland trip?

  2. Mickey and Mini are great aren't they? I loved the trip, Hong Kong was amazing, and Disneyland was like a fairytale.


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