Friday, 19 December 2008

Pure Luxe Eraser

I believe that every beauty kit needs a few magic products that transform the skin. For me Pure Luxe's Eraser is one of those magic products.

Eraser comes in two formulas, original, which is a gel/cream and powder. I use and love both of them. The original Eraser comes in clear and colour correcting, and the powder comes in original (which goes on clear), medium and deep.

Eraser can be used in two ways, as a primer and as a finishing treatment, or it can be used as both. I prefer to use it after foundation as a finishing treatment.

Here's what Pure Luxe has to say about the original Eraser: Have you ever wished for a "magical" product that would erase large pores, "experience" lines, and leave your skin feeling like silk? WISH NO MORE! After months of formulating, I have captured magic in a jar!
This gel/cream base acts like a soft-focus diffuser. Think of "Glamour Shots" in a jar!
ERASER will soften the look of lines, large pores, and produce an all-over effect of perfect skin. This product applies like a creamy gel, then instantly dries to a soft, silky powder.
You have never felt anything so luxurious! I promise, one try, and you WILL be hooked!

Here's what Pure Luxe has to say about the powder version: The application slip is unbelievable. Brushes on like silk. This multi-purpose powder does it all. Apply before foundation as a primer adds an extra layer of water-resistancy Contains REAL pearl powder (not the cheaper versions such as mother of pearl or crushed shells), known for it's healing and nourishing powers. Achieves a gentle all over soft focus effect.

Often I've found that the claims that companies make about their products just aren't true, but in this case they are. I find the powder formula is great to use as a primer and finishing powder. It helps to minimise the appearance of my pores and fine lines. I have the original colour, which goes on clear.

As much as I love the powder Eraser, the cream/gel formula is my favorite. It truly is a miracle product. When I use this over foundation I literally see my pores and fine lines disappear before my eyes. As with the powder formula, I use this in the original colour, and it goes on clear.

Normally for a product like this you'd expect it to be expensive, but it's very reasonably priced, and the shipping to Australia is well priced and fast.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I've already gone through two pots of this.

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