Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Pure Luxe April's Mix

I've never really been a fan of finishing powders, they seem pointless to me as they don't appear to do much. But now that I've met April's Mix my opinion of finishing powders has changed totally.

April's Mix is a blend of correctors, bronzers, radiance and glow powder. Because of this, it does a few different things. It gives my skin a healthy glow, hides pores and fine lines, and sets my make-up. When I wear this I get people telling me how well I look.

In the container it looks like an apricot colours, but it's undetectable when I'm wearing it. It gives my skin a healthy, luminous, glowing look. I use this over the top of my foundation when I want to look polished and glowing. I also find that it helps my make-up stay in place.

I also use April's Mix over moisturiser on no make-up days to even out my skintone and give me a healthy, glowy look.

This is one of those products that every one needs, and one I'll never be without again.


  1. I have never understood 'finishing powders' as such...I just use normal translucent powder, I think it's time I thought out of the square and try something a little bit different.

  2. You won't regret trying April's Mix, it's gorgeous. And they sell samples, so you can try it to see how you like it before buying a bigger size.


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