Thursday, 11 December 2008

Prestige Wonder-Full Lip Plumping Gloss

Never one to resist a gloss, I couldn't help buying one of Prestige's lip plumpers when they were on sale. I got the colour Chic LPG-03, which is a very pretty mauve pink with subtle silver shimmer. It's a colour that's very close to my natural lip colour.

This gloss contains maxi lip which is said to increase collagen and provide lip plumping effects when worn continuously for 30 days.

When I first apply this there is not tingle, but within a minute I can feel a tingle. The amazing thing about this gloss is that the tingle doesn't go away until the gloss has totally worn off. With other plumping glosses the tingle usually fades after a few minutes, but not with Wonder-Full.

As with most of the other plumpers I've tried, I don't think my lips look any bigger, but they do look full and pink.

The gloss is not sticky, it's smooth and creamy with a subtle shine. Texture and shine wise, this is similar to a light liquid lipstick. The colour is sheer and subtle. It looks great on it's on and over lipstick or pencil. It has a lovely, spicy scent with no flavour.

Would I buy this again? Yes.


  1. I tried a lip plumper years ago and didn't like the 'tingling' sensation I got...maybe they have improved since then. :)

  2. i live in the New York tri-state area, where can i buy this lipgloss from? thanks.

  3. Waiyee, if you follow this link:
    and put in your postcode, it'll give you a list of the retailers in your area.

  4. GlossQueen, thanks for your help, much appreciated.

  5. I picked this up randomly at the store one day and now am out; I love it but Walgreens doesn't carry it anymore so I have been trying to order online. I am looking for one that is a normal red color but the screen doesn't match the color and each site is different. Can anyone help me out here?


Hi, thanks so much for your comment!