Monday, 22 December 2008

Prestige Sun Baked Mineral Highlighter

When Prestige bought out their new mineral line I really wanted to try it, as everything looked so pretty. Mineral Highlighter reminds me of MAC's Mineralised Skin Finishes, so I just had to get one. At $24.95, these are a bargain.

I've used my Mineral Highlighter every day since I bought it and I'm so happy with it. It's great to use for an all over glow, either on it's own or over foundation. It also works wonderfully as a highlighter for cheeks, inner eye and on the brow bone.

Mineral Highlighter gives a soft, skin coloured sheen to my skin that's subtle and natural. The shimmer is not at all glittery or obvious, it's glowy and makes my skin look naturally healthy.

There's only one thing that I don't particularly like about this. Because it's a baked product, it's quite hard, so I have to really rub my brush or sponge into it to get the colour out.


  1. I've tried highlighters and must agree they look great on the right person. For me though I've tried blushes and bronze's and they just make my skin look dirty for some strange reason, maybe I'm doing something wrong?

  2. P.S Maybe because I'm so pale ??? could be a factor...and nothing can colour Casper the white ghost...LOL

  3. I'm really pale too Gem, so usually stay away from bronzers cause they just don't look right on me. I've only found a few that look okay on me, and this is one of them. Clinique also has a bronzer for pale skinned girls like us, and it looks really pretty.

  4. Gem have you tried MAC bronzer in golden? All other bronzers I'd tried (haven't tried this or clinique GQ) - were just far too dark for me - this one is awesome though! Perfect golden colour - not reddish or muddy!


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