Wednesday, 31 December 2008

My favorite products from 2008

I try a lot of different products all the time, and rarely repurchase any of them. However, there are a few favorites that I've repurchased again and again. Here are my top five repurchases from 2008.

Moon Haven Soaps - These are my favorite soaps ever. They come in a great range of different fragrances, have no nasties in them and are reasonably priced.

My Lip Stuff Lip Balms - They come in a great range of flavours, are reasonably priced and do a great job of moisturising my lips.

Dove Energy Glow moisturiser - I've been using this moisturiser for over two years now, and it's the best. It's great for people with dry skin, it keeps the flaky bits away, but doesn't leave me looking oily.

Badger Balms - Great all natural lip balms. They do an amazing job of moisturising my lips and contain no petrolatum.


  1. Nice blog, as a guy i'm not sure i should really have a 'best product of 2008' but im told its now trendy to be a bloke and use beauty products, so my favorite products of 2008 would be Dermalogica Mens Shave! Am i normal?

  2. Yes, you're normal :) Most of the men I know look after their skin, I know my fiance is really fussy about his skin care!

  3. great selection of products GlossQueen :) I'm glad I won't be breaking the bank to try these favourites. I have a headache balm from Badgers which is really good :)

  4. Love seeing your fave products GQ! I'm really tempted to try that Dove energy glow moisturiser...but I'm going to do the smart thing and do skin type solution quiz first to check if it's good for my skin! :)

  5. Good idea Elmo. I'm DSNT, if that helps at all.

  6. Thanks - I'll keep it in mind - gotta get onto doing that quiz already!!


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