Monday, 29 December 2008

Make-Up The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris

I look at make-up books all the time, but don't often buy them, however I couldn't resist this one. For a start Rae is Australian, and a lot of the models in the book are also Australian. And it only costs $39.95.

Rae Morris has been a make-up artist for 15 years. She got off to an interesting start, thanks to Naomi Campbell. She was working as a hairdresser at the miss Model of the World pageant when Naomi's make-up artist left the room in tears. Naomi looked around the room and demanded that Rae fix her lips. As Rae was setting to work on Naomi's lips, the paparazzi took photo's. The next day Rae's picture was all over the papers and that was the start of her new career as a make-up artist.

If you're looking for a how to book, then this is perfect. It starts with a list of essential products and tools, along with an explanation of why you need each item. It then goes on to brushes and includes a great tip on how to choose good quality brushes.

Then it's on to skin prep, brows, false eyelashes and eye colour charts. There are also chapters on eyes, asian eyes, over 40's, contouring, foundation, bronzing, highlighting, lips and cheeks and then 10 minute makeovers.

Each chapter has very details instructions with step by step photo's so you can see exactly how to recreate the looks yourself. This is one of the best make-up books that I've seen, it breaks everything down so that anyone can make themselves look like they've had their make-up professionally done.


  1. Ooh really want to buy this now GQ!! Sounds fantastic!

  2. As usual: Me too, me too! Apart from mascara I'm not clever with makeup, so I hope this book can help me to look yummier! LOL...

  3. I've seen this book on TVSN and Borders. I'm really tempted to buy this. I'll probably wait until I get a discount voucher from Borders. The pages are beautiful and a really good guide for beginners or anyone really :)

  4. wow thankyou so so much,,if you want to see my latest work,,go to . just click on my name!

    thanks for the support,,proceeds go to unicef!

    rae morris

  5. I had a look at this today and it really does look great - the photos are beautiful. It is on my wish list.


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