Monday, 15 December 2008

Lipstick Queen Pink Saint

Back in the 90's I was a huge fan of Poppy cosmetics. I was so disappointed when they were discontinued. You can imagine how excited I was when I heard Poppy King was launching a new range of lip products called Lipstick Queen. They've finally arrived in Australia and are sold throughout the country at Kit stores.

Naturally, I couldn't resist buying a few products. One of them was Pink Saint.
Lipstick Queen lipsticks come in two variations, Saints, which are shiny with 10% pigment and Sinners, which are matte and 90% pigment. Saints have a gold tube and Sinners have a black tube.

Saint lipsticks go on smooth and shiny. As they are sheer they don't last ages on my lips, but when Pink Saint wears off it leaves a stain of colour on my lips. On my Pink Saint looks very close to my natural lip colour, so it's great for those days I want the 'no make-up' look.

Would I purchase it again? Yes, I love these lipsticks and will definitely be getting more of them.


  1. I have the Red Saint and I love it! I think I'm going to check out the Pink Saint too ;)

  2. Hey hey I realised that you're subscribed to my blog feed (thanks!), but that it's not showing any updates. There are updates but due to my migration to Wordpress, it's gone wonky.

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    Thanks very much! :)

  3. Oh true to the name...I love my lipsticks too!...a def must on the list...there it goes!


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