Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Lip Guardian

I must have about 20 different lip balms sitting around the house just in case. I'm really not sure why I do this, because I always have one in my pocket, but I also stash them around the house just in case I don't want to use the one in my pocket. Antioxidant Lip Guardian is one of those balms that I have sitting around, in fact it's sitting on my computer desk right now (along with two other balms).

The first thing I love about this balm is the pot. It's a wide, flat pot, which makes it great cause I don't have to dig my finger in there to get the balm out. I really don't like those balms that come in tiny pots, cause I end up with more balm under my nail than I do on my finger.

The balm itself is nice, but not amazing. It smells great, a sweet smell the same as the other A Perfect World products, and it tastes nice too, it has a soft, sweet flavour. I find this balm moisturising with a soft shine. It doesn't do anything amazing, it's just a nice balm that does what you'd expect it to. As with a lot of pot balms, it's not thick, the texture is medium, and it lasts about an hour before I need to reapply.

Overall, this is a nice balm. If it was priced at $10 I'd buy it again, but for the price, I expect a little more. In winter it gets a little lumpy, but that goes away once it's warmed up.

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