Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Shizen Lip Balm

Shizen (pronounced Shi-ZEN and meaning what is natural, existing as formed by nature, not artifical) is an all Australian company that make products containing 100% natural essential oils and ingredients with nothing artificial.

Being the lip product addict that I am, on seeing a new Australian product in David Jones a few years ago, I couldn't resist buying the lip balm, and I'm very glad I did because I love it. I've gone through so many tubes and pots, and it's something I always restock as soon as I start to run low. I'm really fickle with my products, so the fact that I've repurchased this balm countless times is amazing.

Shizen lip balm is thick and moisturising, it's perfect to use on really dry, cracked lips. It does a great job of healing sore lips, and then once they're healed, it keeps them soft and smooth. This balm doesn't contain petrolatum or any other nasty chemicals.
One of the great things about this balm is that it applies with a soft shine, so can be used alone for those days when your lips are really dry but you still want to look made up. It also works well over lip liner. It has a fresh, lemon scent but no flavour. The scent fades quickly after application.

The ingredients are: Castor oil, organic lanolin, leatherwood honey beeswax, shea butter, lemon myrtle essential oil, sweet almond oil, lime essential oil, vitamin E, Herbalox-o (rosemary leaf extract), gymea lily essence and rose geranium oil.

The stick lip balm can be purchased for $14.95 or the pot balm for $15.95.

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