Sunday, 27 July 2008

My Lip Stuff

One of my most recent purchases has been My Lip Stuff balms. I was very restrained and only purchased 6 balms, and got 1 for free. So far I've only tested out one, the strawberry banana flavour, and I love it!

I purchased the following:
Pink Ribbon Charitabalm $3 (USD)
Lip Tint $3 (USD)
Butterscotch Sundae Tinted Gloss $3.50 (USD)
Vegan Lip balm $3 (UDS)
Cocaramel Kick Gloss $3 (USD)
Strawberry Banana Tube $2 (USD)
Mixed Mystery Tube (this was free with orders over $15).

The regular tube that I got (Strawberry Banana) is so yummy. I can mainly taste the banana, it's a great flavour, not too strong, and tastes good.
It's a very light balm, which means I'm reapplying it a lot, which I'd do anyhow just because of the great taste!
I'm finding that it's fairly moisturising. It's not a balm that I'd use when my lips are really dry, but for everyday use when my lips are in good condition, this is perfect.
It has a great shine to it, so I've been using it alone or when I want a little more colour, over lip pencil.
My Lip Stuff have over 400 different flavours available.
I love their product and service, the only thing that I don't like is the shipping costs. It cost me $14 (USD) to have my items posted to Australia, and considering the actual postage charge to send the package was $5, even with packaging costs, I think $14 is too expensive, so I'm not sure if I'll be ordering again.
And as for the other products I got, I'll post more about them once I've tried them.

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  1. If you were charged $14 by the shopping cart for a "sample" order then you had too many items by weight in your sample order.

    All the details about how many sample items allowed in each package can be read on each items page in the samples section. The glosses are heavy and only allow for a few balms in the package with them. On the gloss page it says: "Shipping increments are based on the weight of the samples, you may purchase up to 3 SAMPLE glosses before it automatically rolls over to Priority rates. "

    So you were above the weight limit, & the cart charged you as a regular priority order & you did not receive the shipping discount.

    The max charge for "samples" is only $8 for 9 tubes of balm.
    $14 is where "priority" shipping starts.

    The shipping is based on actual charges incurred by the USPS, and in many cases customers even pay less than the actual charge.

    Apologies for the confusion & thanks for the review.


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