Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Look what I found!

It's a constant annoyance to me that there are so many amazing products overseas that we don't have access to and that the ones we do eventually get we have to wait at least 6 months until they're released. So I was very excited when I went to Target in Perth city and during my wander through the cosmetics department found Maybelline's Volume Seduction XL Lip Plumper. I've been dying to tell someone about my amazing find, but had no-one around who would appreciate the excitement of my find.

I only noticed these because they have a dark brown case. They had about 5 of them sitting there next to the Shine Seduction Glossy Lipcolours. As soon as I realised what they were, I grabbed one and excitedly headed to the checkout.

There was only one shade available which is 105 Born With It. It looks like a soft, sparkly pink in the tube, but goes on clear with a pretty shimmer to it. It's a little bit sticky, and has a pleasant, soft cinnamon scent to it, that fades pretty quickly. Like most plumpers, it makes my lips tingle, but only for a few minutes.

I didn't notice any plumping effect with this gloss, even after wearing it daily for 2 weeks, but it's a nice gloss and one that I'll probably buy again, especially since it only cost $16.95 (AUD).

Since I found this I've checked other stores and haven't found XL anywhere, I'm hoping they'll get more colours in sometime soon, so I'll just have to keep on checking the city store.

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